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A Wicked Pursuit by Isabella Bradford

A Wicked Pursuit - Breconridge Brothers 1

A Wicked Pursuit is the first novel in the new Breconbridge Brothers series. And what fun it is. If you are in the mood for a bit of romance Georgian-style with a dash of steamy romping, then really look no further. I’m not sure much else needs to be said to recommend it, not to me anyway, but I’ll continue…

Harry Fitzroy is the most eligible bachelor of the season and he’s looking for the future Lady Breconbridge. His attentions have alighted on the beautiful and captivating Lady Julia Barclay. Unfortunately his attempts at a proposal end in a horrible accident, leaving him bed-bound. Julia’s true character is revealed during Harry’s convalescence, leaving him to draw closer to her sister Gus. Gus is the quiet and understated to Julia’s vibrant and showy. It is Gus, of course, who is the hero of the sickroom. As Gus and Harry spend time together an unlikely romance develops, which could easily lead to Gus’s ruin.

I wasn’t sure I was going to like Harry. He seems fairly shallow initially, although it was impossible to knock his joie de vivre. He’s full-on with everything, there’s ‘no halfway with Harry’. He’s basically beguiled by Julia’s heaving bosom, forgetting to ask whether they’d actually get on with each other. His first impression of Gus is lamentable, mistaking her for ‘some plain-faced servant’. His accident is the making of him, giving him time to reassess his priorities. Gus is rather impressed with his courage and fortitude. She also knows that her sister will never accept Harry after what has happened. But, even Julia has the opportunity to become a nicer person by the end of the book, despite my grave misgivings.

I enjoyed all the medical details, especially the society doctor Sir Randolph’s pandering to his patient’s whims. Physicians had little choice but to demur to their patients for the sake of the patronage they received from their wealthy clients. Harry gets to call the shots over his treatment; and he thinks it’s Gus who will make him feel so very much better.

A Wicked Pursuit is a perfect Sunday afternoon treat. It’s light and enjoyable, and I felt I was in safe hands with the author. A little bit of escapism to brighten up the day!

I received a copy of the book from Headline through their Bookbridgr scheme.


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