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Coming Soon...

Things are going to be very quiet here for the next couple of weeks while I concentrate on some thesis writing. So, I thought I'd share some of the gorgeous new books coming out over the next couple of months that I am very excited about.

That's a lot of lovely books! I'll be back soon with reviews of them all.

Sentinel by Joshua Winning

Sentinel is the first part of The Sentinel Trilogy. It promises to be a very entertaining YA series. It's full of mystery, ancient terrors, a secret society dedicated to protecting the world, and one young man trying to figure out what it all has to do with him.

There are two very strong beginnings to Sentinel. First up, the prologue sends us back to 1589 and two women summoning spirits. Isabel is tutoring Jessica in the art of leading lost souls to where they belong, but something goes horribly wrong. Then, we are back in the present day. Anita and Max Hallow are embarking on a train journey, which is making Anita disproportionately anxious, seemingly. The sense of danger is nicely built, as the pair chat to a priest sitting nearby. The couple fear that something has caught up with them, and unfortunately that looks to be true.

Nicholas Hallow is left without his parents to protect him from whatever is coming. And that something is coming is undoubted. There are some weird things…

Any Other Name by Emma Newman

The Masque of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin

The Abomination by Jonathan Holt

Over the weekend I was in the mood for a fast, all-action, conspiracy thriller, set somewhere with an aura of mystery. What luck then that I just happened to have The Abomination awaiting my attention. Or perhaps it was because I had The Abomination waiting for me that I craved such a thing. Maybe the publisher and author are part of a conspiracy to manipulate my reading habits...

I've had some great conversations over the years with a friend of mine about conspiracy theories; he's always got some new deep plot to explain to me. Some are quite outlandish, others seem rather plausible. The events in The Abomination feel on the plausible side to me, which is a bit worrying! It's hard to say too much about the plot without revealing more than you need to know, but it involves the church, the military, the legislature, organised crime - the usual suspects - and a website, called Carnivia. Carnivia is a virtual Venice, where anonymity is guaranteed. Users are free to gossip, w…

Carnegie Medal Shortlist 2013: Midwinterblood by Marcus Sedgwick

This is probably my favourite of all the Carnegie Shortlist, in that it is the one that most reflects my own personal reading tastes. It's a gorgeously dark and shivery story about love and sacrifice. It moves backwards through time to tell seven interconnected stories, starting in 2073 and ending in a time unknown. I love that idea of a misty past that isn't pinned down to a specific date; it lends mystery and a timeless quality that fits perfectly with the book.

Each story is set during a different month and is linked to a particular type of moon, such as the Flower Moon in June or the Fruit Moon in September. The lore surrounding full moons and their associated months is so interesting, and varied, and I enjoyed spending some time reading up on it all for myself. Books that take you off on your own reading trails are the best.

The events begin when Eric Seven takes a trip to the island of Skarpness, in the far north. He's a journalist, investigating rumours about the l…