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Clarissa: Month One

The first month’s worth of letters are under our belt, and it was rather enjoyable reading. There were only six letters for January, taking up less than twenty pages in my edition. I made a lot of notes from those six letters though. Here’s a recap of what we learn, and what piqued my interest.

Letter 1: This dives straight into the story, no tedious preamble, just pitches right in. Clarissa’s friend Anna writes to say how ‘extremely concerned’ she is for all the turmoil Clarissa and her family are going through. She’s desperate to hear the gossip from Clarissa herself. We glean that there has been an altercation between Clarissa’s brother, James, and Mr Lovelace, in which the brother was both the aggressor and injured (literally) party. That James has a ‘natural imperiousness and fierce and uncontrollable temper’ is widely known. Clarissa too seems to be bearing some of the blame for the matter in public opinion, for encouraging Lovelace’s advances. Anna is less than reassuring to Cl…

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