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Five New Arrivals...

I had an excellent 'book post' week last week, so good I feel it is only fair to show my spoils. The first four are all published next month, and the last one comes out in May.

Two gorgeous new YA books arrived plippity-plop through the letterbox, both of which I am so excited about I may burst before their official publication. I mentioned Silent Saturday in my round-up of the Blogger Brunch I went to at Random House last week. Well, this little beauty arrived, and I devoured the whole thing...
Silent Saturday: Forbidden Spaces Trilogy: Book One
Hardback, Bodley Head, 4 April 2013
Not only is it a thing of no little beauty to behold, it is also exciting, scary, tense, and brilliant. I will say no more about it, but my proper review will be forthcoming along with publication on 4th April.

Also published on 4th April is Black Arts, in paperback. I may also have read this in a greedy, slightly obsessional kind of way over the weekend - I may have done, OK, I absolutely did. In my defence it is set in Elizabethan London, it does have sinister priests and saucy scallywags and Dr Dee, and it is bloomin' awesome. But, again, I'll leave you dangling until my tip-top review is revealed...along with a little treat.
Black Arts: The Books of Pandemonium
Paperback, David Fickling Books, 4 April 2013
Two beautiful grown-up novels arrived too. My heart sang at this wonderful-sounding story from Tinder Press. The Hope Factory is set in Bangalore, and talks of love, greed, ambition, and social manners. The cover is just beautiful, and my bookseller-sense tells me it is going to be just as gorgeous inside. It comes out on 23rd April.
The Hope Factory
Hardback, Tinder Press, 23 April 2013
Hmm, I wonder if I can be tempted with Paris in 1909, art and life, opium and secrets - well, yes I can, absolutely. Again, this cover is guaranteed to draw me in, I think Headline are onto a winner here. It is published on 11th April, so I'm moving this up the TBR pile and no mistake.
The Paris Winter
Hardback, Headline Review, 11 April, 2013
And, as if my cup wasn't already overfull, the new Giles Kristian is in my grateful possession. Brothers' Fury is the sequel to The Bleeding Land, which I read, loved, and reviewed last year. I cannot wait to see how the brothers are coping with the raging civil wars, heartbreak, death and general destruction.
Brothers' Fury
Hardback, Bantam Press, 23 May 2013
I am a very lucky, very happy, very grateful little bibliophile. Now, I'm off to read a book.


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