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Time for an update...

Come on everybody, let's Bloggiesta!  

Natasha from Maw Books Blog came up with Bloggiesta  - the idea of devoting some specific time to perfect your blog and connect with other bloggers. It's now co-hosted by Suey andDanielleThe little mascot is PEDRO (Plan, Edit, Develop, Review Organize) - how cute!

I only found out about Bloggiesta today from Judith at Leeswammes' Blog but it sounded just what I needed. There are a few little housekeeping things I've been meaning to do on the blog, and this is the perfect opportunity. What is so great about Bloggiesta is that you can do as much or as little as you have time for over the weekend. 

I have created a modest to do list:

  • DONE Update my profile picture - I have a brilliant new chibi-style picture drawn by my friend Michelle to use.
  • DONE Update the 'About Me' page.
  • DONE Add a Search toolbar to the blog.
  • DONE Investigate becoming a Waterstones affiliate.
  • I MANAGED TO DO ONE Check out the mini-challenges on the Bloggiesta! website.
  • A COUPLE GOT WRITTEN Catch up on some reviews (I won't commit myself to a number!)

So, not too much, but I feel happy about having the extra focus.
Time to party!

I'm pleased with the few little things I was able to do this weekend, and now I know about Bloggiesta I will be more prepared next time (which I am looking forward to). The mini-challenge on replacing GoogleReader was excellent, very helpful and comprehensive. I am trying out Bloglovin at the moment. I have a query pending regarding adding a Waterstones banner to my site, but I'm happy I finally managed to ask the questions. Next time I would like to visit all the other blogs taking part; I went to a handful this time around and felt very inspired by the sites and the to-do lists.

Hope everyone else enjoyed their blogging time too. And a big thank you to everyone who left comments and encouragement. Until next time, AdiĆ³s! 


  1. Sarah, fantastic list that's doable not like my monster list LOL

    My Bloggiesta Goals

    Have a great Bloggigesta weekend!

    1. Thank you!

      I've read your list & it does look kind of immense! Hopefully you're merrily ticking items off. I left a little comment on your very pretty blog; the fairytale theme is gorgeous :)

  2. I also have to work on my About page. It's soooo necessary!!!

    Good luck with your goals!

    Here is my Bloggiesta To Do List!!!

    1. Hi, thanks for coming by! I hope you are having a great bloggiesta this weekend - I checked out your to do list & it seems like it will be keeping you very busy.

      Have fun!

  3. Glad I inspired you to join in, Sarah! It's nice to spend a bit of time thinking about the blog and it certainly doesn't have to be 3 days full-time.

    Hope you're enjoying it and that you'll be able to strike off all the items on your list.

  4. First, I have to say that I love the look of your blog. Clean and simple, my favorite. Second, I love cats and history too! Yay ;)

    Good luck with all of your goals this weekend and have a fab Bloggiesta!

    1. Thank you so much, that's lovely to hear :)

      I hope you are having a great Bloggiesta - have you been adding things to your to do list all weekend?

  5. Bloggiesta is definitely all about getting to those pesky housekeeping things that we all keep putting off. I tend to make a long list, but that's just so I have a choice in what to work on.

    Here's my Bloggiesta to-do list.

    Good luck with getting everything done!!!

    1. Thanks, I think I did OK with it, especially as it was kind of spur of the moment to join in. I definitely enjoyed the experience.

      It looks like you had a very productive weekend, hope you had fun!

  6. Hope you've accomplished everything you wanted to this weekend! I'm currently working on my last task, trying to visit every blog participating in Bloggiesta...

    Here is my Bloggiesta To-Do List.

    1. That was a challenge you set yourself! I'm sure you're feeling very pleased you managed to do so many things and visit so many sites. Thanks for popping by to say hello!


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