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Reading of a Whim

Lady Worsley's Whim: An Eighteenth-Century Tale of Sex, Scandal and Divorce

There has been quite a bit of talk amongst book bloggers about reading on a whim versus reading to a schedule. I guess like most people I do a bit of both. I know the books I want to read this month, but there's always a bit of wriggle room. Good job too, because today I found out about an 18th century reading group at college, whose source material for next week's group is a scandalous Criminal-Conversation case. I have had the book since it first came out, but have never quite got round to fitting it in, despite it sitting on my bedside table. Now I can, and will. The book is Lady Worsley's Whim, by Hallie Rubenhold. I thoroughly enjoyed her book on the Covent Garden Ladies, so am looking forward to this one very much. And, I get to read about someone else's whim, whilst reading to a schedule. Best of both worlds!


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