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Starting a blog is an exciting and slightly scary thing.  Choosing a name, picture and profile to convey something about you and your blog is a little daunting.  As may be somewhat apparent from those choices I am an obsessive reader.  Always have been, always will be.   I have notebooks full of jottings about the books I have read over the years, and I make lists of what I have read, what I want to read and what I should read.  As I said, obsessive.

I am also rather flighty in my reading tastes.  Well, maybe not flighty but certainly I do read a very broad range of books.  I read a lot of academic history for college.  I love Young Adult fiction and a good vampire tale.  I sometimes hanker after sci-fi or a huge fantasy epic. Literary fiction, historical fiction, popular history, mid-twentieth century middle-brow novels are all welcome here.  And, after a long hiatus, I have just started to read some graphic novels again.  My superpower would be the ability to read one book with each eye.

Hopefully all this book chatter will be interesting to someone other than just me.  I'll do my best.  It's only fair to say that I'm not really interested in writing reviews of books I hated.  For a start I am not bad at choosing books for myself, so it is not that often I read something I actually dislike.  Also, if I do find something that bad or dull I'll just put it aside, unfinished.  And, finally, I want to talk about great books, fun books, quirky books, uplifting books - books to recommend.

So, here goes.  Wish me luck!


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